We offer all services related to the building industry. With experience both within the architectural and interior design fields,
there is no shortage of services that we offer, these are listed below:

- Sketch designs and presentation designs: basic drawings representing the client’s brief

– easy to reference without too much detail

- Animated three dimensional presentation drawings: a realistic image of the building taking account
the design brief and building finishes

- Drawings required for estimations: basic technical drawings with enough information on them for the
expert to have them costed for the client’s information

- Council submission drawings: technical drawings required by the local council to get approval before
construction can commence

- Construction drawings: even more technical and detailed drawings required by the professional team for
the construction of the building

- As built drawings: measured up and drawn plans showing the onsite actual plans, before any changes will be

- Product specifications: specific building products specified for their intended use on the building project

If you browse the gallery in the architecture and interiors pages, you will see pictures of the projects completed thus far.

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